Bitcoin has introduced what used to be nothing more than science fiction not too long ago: complete anonymity when it comes to financial transactions coupled with military-grade security that inspires trust. The way this cryptocurrency is designed lends itself perfectly to online gambling. The transactions are made in a manner that is simple and hassle-free, while any government meddling is kept out of one’s affairs.

Since more and more gamblers are embracing Bitcoin as their preferred means of gambling. We’ll be taking a look at what makes it such an attractive proposition:

More money goes to the players

Since Bitcoin either completely does away with transaction fees or keeps them to a minimum, more money goes to the players. In terms of winnings, whatever you get is yours to keep – no taxes and zero duties. This is because crypto online casinos are not regulated, thus making them the preferred choice for gamblers.

There is more potential value

Did you know that Bitcoin was worth close to zero in 2009? As time went on, its overall value kept increasing (with ups and downs along the way). Given that many industry experts believe that Bitcoin will grow even bigger than it is today, you could view your winnings as an investment that will pay off in the future. The thing is, there is a limited supply available. If demand goes up, the value of it goes up as well.

No need to share your payment details

One’s credit card number is not something that people are willing to reveal to just anyone. Even if the website itself is run by trustworthy people, who’s to say that hackers won’t find their way in eventually? At any given time, a data breach may be just around the corner. Hence, letting them store your payment details on the server is a risk you’ve had no choice but to take… until Bitcoin came along. Since Bitcoin payments work in a different fashion, they are much safer compared to traditional credit cards.

Transparency is a given

Certain traditional casinos resort to concealing vital information from the players, with potential winnings being just an example of this. They have also been known to employ dubious tricks to attain the upper edge. Best bitcoin casino providers, on the other hand, aim to offer a platform that is transparent and gives a clear glimpse into the odds of winning. By doing so, this establishes a business relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

They are available worldwide

Certain countries restrict gambling, not everyone can take part the traditional way. Since Bitcoin is accessible everywhere around the globe, everyone is now welcome to enjoy their favorite hobby, given they stick to Bitcoin casinos. This also alleviates the risk of joining an illegally-run online casino. In addition to that, the withdrawals can be made in an instant.


Bitcoin casinos have taken a foothold in the gambling industry. With more games being added on a consistent basis (including the live dealer variants), gamblers all around the world are free to enjoy this location-independent way to play.

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